The Kitega Community Centre lies not far from where the mighty Nile flows out of Lake Victoria on its 6600 km journey to the sea. Kingserve has supported and been involved in running the Centre since it was set up in 1997 to train and minister to mentally disabled and disadvantaged children in the local community. Mentally disabled children, many of whom have Cerebral Palsy caused by their mothers suffering malaria in pregnancy are seen as a curse and often neglected.
The centre has also works with organisations such as Samaritan’s Purse to distribute mosquito nets, ‘Project Porridge’ to feed the children and ‘Send A Goat’ to provide livestock to local people.

Kitega seeks therefore not only to cater for disabled children but also to help the community appreciate the children and value them as made in the image of God.  Kitega employs a qualified Occupational Therapist, three dedicated carers and several support staff.  

Over the years the centre has become a respected part of the community and through the setting up a community banking scheme has given the villagers the confidence to set up many self-help development projects.

Katungulu Church

Although Kitega is a Christian based centre it is open to those of all faiths or none without distinction. It works alongside the local Christian community at Katungulu Church seen here.

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Daudi Musoke, one of the leaders at the centre, has taken part in Tearfund’s ‘Inspired Individuals Initiative’  and this has led to greater contacts and interaction with this Christian Development agency

Donations can be made towards the upkeep and support of the Kitega Centre through  Givenet

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