Heart Choice

The glory of creation is a mystery as to it being either raw chance or the handiwork of a supernatural cause. We cannot prove God was or was not involved for almost as wonderful as creation itself is the fact that God chose not to leave any conclusive proof of His involvement.  He could have structured DNA so every plant, fish, bird and animal had 'made by God' written on it.  But He deliberately chose not to do so. Why? Because He wanted to give the pinnacle of His creation – that is us - man made in the image of God – free will to chose to acknowledge Him as God – or to believe that we are our own gods.

This is where the head fails us – atheists and theists alike cannot give conclusive, irrefutable proof that God exists or not.  We have to fall back on what our hearts tell us.  And this is where we find two sorts of people – those who have hardened their hearts to convince themselves that they are their own god and there is no other, and those who have softened their hearts to believe that there is a higher authority than themselves to which they are responsible and to whom they can give praise for the glory of creation.

More than that, Christians see their faith not as just a religion but as something much more – as a relationship – a relationship with Jesus.  To them only Christianity gives the opportunity to have that ultimate heart experience – the experience of love – 'For God so loved the world that He gave His only son that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life'.

                                                                    ....So what is your heart saying to you?

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